The delights of eating jellyfish

    Vast numbers of jellyfish have been invading British beaches this summer, to the consternation of tourists and local people. Perhaps we should just find out which species are…

  • Biang Biang noodles in Xi'an

    A taste of Xi’an in North London

    Though the Chinese city of Xi’an is best known for its terracotta soldiers, it also has some notable culinary specialities, including ‘soaked flatbread with beef or…

  • F&M Awards Shortlist Logo 2015

    Fortnum and Mason Food and Drink Awards shortlist

    How lovely to be shortlisted for Food Writer of the Year by the Fortnum and Mason Food and Drink Awards, along with the excellent Sybil Kapoor and Tim Lewis!

Foraging at Talldungen

Swedish adventures

We pulled the crayfish apart, sucking the juices from their heads and chomping through the claws, devoured their sweet flesh, deeply infused with the flowery scent…

The MSG controversy

If you’re paranoid about eating MSG, or just interested in the subject, you might like to listen to this American PRI discussion in which Dr Katharine…


Endangered sharks

I was very interested to see this article on the Guardian website, highlighting the threat to sharks from tuna fishing. Basically, enormous numbers of sharks are…

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Crunch crunch

Thanks to Lambda Li for sending me this video of a suckling pig being sliced at the Kimberley Hotel in Hong Kong! The whole point of…