These are a few of my favourites among the articles I’ve written:

Garden of Contentment

In a toxic era, a Hangzhou restaurant pursues purity. (New Yorker, November 2008)

Culture Shock
Three top Sichuanese chefs are disturbed by their first taste of ‘Western food’ on a visit to California (Gourmet, August 2005)

Cuisine in a revolving culture
Why is it so hard for Westerners to really appreciate Chinese haute cuisine? (Financial Times Weekend, September 2006)

True West
The fascinating food traditions of the Uyghurs of Xinjiang, in China’s wild west (Gourmet, April 2007)

Blind Tasting
The mysteries of thousand-year-old eggs (Financial Times Weekend, April 2007)

Waiter – there’s a fly in my soup
Why not eat insects? (Financial Times Weekend, November 2004)

“On the first day they gave me a chef’s hat and my own cleaver”
Fuchsia’s initiation into the arts of Sichuanese cuisine (Observer Food Monthly, June 2001)