Note for people in London: Signed copies of all Fuchsia’s books are available at Bar Shu, the London restaurant for whom she acts as consultant.

Every Grain of Rice








My new book, Every Grain of Rice: Simple Chinese Home Cooking, is out. Unlike my other cookery books, it’s not focused on one province, but is a collection of delicious everyday recipes, mainly from southern China. They’re for the kind of dishes I like to make most: simple, healthy and with an emphasis on vegetables. Although the book includes meat and fish dishes.

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Shark’s Fin and Sichuan Pepper


Winner of the Jane Grigson Award (2009) and the Kate Whiteman Award for Work on Food and Travel (2009). Shortlisted for the James Beard Writing and Literature Award
An extraordinary memoir of an Englishwoman’s attempt to immerse herself in Chinese food and Chinese culinary culture. In the course of her decade-long journey, Fuchsia undergoes an apprenticeship at a Sichuanese cooking school…Read more

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Land of Plenty/Sichuan Cookery


Winner of the Jeremy Round Award for Best First Book (2002)
On its publication in 2001, Sichuan Cookery (published in the United States as Land of Plenty) was immediately acclaimed as a classic. For the first time in the English language, it brought together authentic recipes gathered in the kitchens of Sichuan with a wealth of anecdotes and colourful descriptions of Sichuanese life. The book includes detailed information on kitchen techniques, and many irresistible recipes such as fish-fragrant aubergines (the author’s favourite), Gong Bao chicken, Pock-marked old woman’s beancurd (mapo doufu) and twice-cooked pork….Read more

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Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook


Shortlisted for the James Beard Asian Cookery Book Award and the Andre Simon Award
The southern Chinese province of Hunan is renowned for the revolutionary spirit of its people and its hearty peasant cookery. In a selection of classic recipes interwoven with a wealth of history, legend and anecdote, Fuchsia brings to life this vibrant culinary region, and tells the story of China’s turbulent twentieth century. Look out for late imperial recipes like numbing-and-hot chicken, Chairman Mao’s favourite red-braised pork, soothing tonic stews, and a myriad of colourful vegetable stir-fries…Read more

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