Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook: Recipes from Hunan Province

Shortlisted for the James Beard Asian Cookery Book Award

Shortlisted for the Andre Simon Award

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The southern Chinese province of Hunan is renowned for the revolutionary spirit of its people and its hearty peasant cookery. In a selection of classic recipes interwoven with a wealth of history, legend and anecdote, Fuchsia brings to life this vibrant culinary region, and tells the story of China’s turbulent twentieth century. Look out for late imperial recipes like numbing-and-hot chicken, Chairman Mao’s favourite red-braised pork, soothing tonic stews, and a myriad of colourful vegetable stir-fries.


‘What really astonishes in this new book are the extra-culinary insights. Ms. Dunlop more freely evokes place and atmosphere. Every recipe I tried was a rousing success. What she has accomplished [will] guarantee that a generation of other Western cooks and food writers will be exploring the former Middle Kingdom with a sense of missionary discovery.” – New York Times

‘Fuchsia Dunlop is to China what Claudia Roden is to the Middle East: an intelligent, literary writer with a passion for her subject and a fund of well-researched recipes.’ – The Bookseller

‘It’s a rare cookery book that introduces you to a new yet accessible cuisine – but Fuchsia Dunlop’s stunning The Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook does just that. Dunlop devotees dote on her earlier Sichuan book and know they can trust her good taste and good sense – which you have to rely on when the dishes themselves are unfamiliar. Dunlop is a superb descriptive writer as well as careful recipe-tester. Hunanese food is hot and spicy, as is its history; which gives Dunlop – who speaks and writes Chinese and trained as a chef in Sichuan – a chance to show off her scholarly prowess and even play culinary detective. A great read, too, which is why it’s my book of the year.’ – Paul Levy, The Observer

A good read from a true expert.’ – Sainsbury’s Magazine

‘Not only a fascinating read about gastronomy in a country that produced Chairman Mao, it is also a challenge to our perceptions of Chinese cuisine. Try a taste of these bold spicy flavours once and you’ll be hooked.’ – Time Out 

‘A Claudia Roden for Chinese cuisine.’ –  FT Magazine

‘Wonderful flashes of dry wit make for delightful reading.’ – Chicago Tribune

‘The amazing Fuchsia Dunlop has brought out another book from China – the Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook. Dunlop is a world authority on Chinese cooking. Her approach is a happy mixture of scholarly and gluttonous, and the recipes aren’t too complicated.’ – Observer Food Monthly