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Abergavenny Food Festival

Posted by Fuchsia on August 27, 2008
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I’ll talking at the Abergavenny Food Festival on 20th September. Tom Parker-Bowles will be interviewing me. I’m guessing this means that he has forgiven me for what I inflicted on him when we last met… He was interviewing me on the TV programme Market Kitchen, and I took along a jar of one of my favourite breakfast and midnight-feast staples, fermented beancurd. I forgot to warn Tom that fermented beancurd is best appreciated in very small quantities, so, while we were being filmed, he picked up a whole cube of the stuff in his chopsticks, put it into his mouth – and, horrified, immediately spat it out across the room! I was extremely apologetic afterwards, naturally. I just hope I didn’t put him off fermented beancurd for life.

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Unsavoury characters

Posted by Fuchsia on August 15, 2008
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A few months ago I took part in an event at the British Museum on the challenges of translating Chinese, which turned out to be very thought-provoking and great fun. So, when a few months later, in the run-up to the Olympics, the Chinese government came up with an official list of translations for popular Chinese restaurant dishes, I wrote this piece for the Financial Times.

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With Gordon Ramsay on the F-Word

Posted by Fuchsia on August 08, 2008
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One of the more bizarre things I got up to this summer was helping British uber-chef Gordon Ramsay try his hand at making dim sum, for his TV programme The F-Word. I ended up spending a fun morning in the kitchens of my favourite London dim sum restaurant, the Royal China Club in Baker Street, explaining things and translating for Gordon as he scalded his fingers making cheung fun and tried to master the fiddly art of wrapping har gow and siew long bao. I think he was shocked by how difficult it all was, and impressed by the casual dexterity of the Royal China chefs.

Here is the programme, in two parts:

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