My latest WildChina food tour

In October, I took another group of adventurers on a gastronomic tour of China, from Beijing, through Xi’an, Chengdu and Hangzhou, to Shanghai. It’s always a delight, for me, to see everyone expanding their food horizons in ways they perhaps hadn’t anticipated. In particular, I’m happy when guests really begin to appreciate the importance of texture in Chinese cuisines – and, in many cases, to positively enjoy eating delicacies such as sea cucumber and goose intestines, which are largely incomprehensible in terms of European/American gastronomy. If any of this year’s guests are reading this post, thanks again for your openness and enthusiasm!


Dinner at Lan Guijun’s Yu Zhi Lan in Chengdu

During the tour, we ate at many different kinds of restaurant, from tiny holes-in-the-wall to the splendour of the Dragon Well Manor in Hangzhou, visited food markets and took a Sichuanese cooking class. Oh, and there was a bit of sightseeing too – the Forbidden City, Terracotta Warriors and that kind of thing…


After the main tour, I spent a week in Yunnan on a reconnaissance mission for next year’s inaugural Yunnan food tour. Both 2015 tours are already sold out, but I believe WildChina will be opening bookings for 2016 in the next month or two.

9 Responses to “My latest WildChina food tour”

  1. Tim Clarke

    ha ha! Made it onto your blog. Thanks for a great trip Fuchsia!

  2. mei zhang

    I am in awe of how good you are at with a different kind of endurance sport — food. Your dedication is inspiring. It was really fun traveling with you. Mei

  3. Fuchsia

    It was a pleasure, Tim! Glad you enjoyed it!

    And Mei, great spending time with you too. (P.S. I’m still alive…!)

  4. Fuchsia

    P.S. Mei – I can hardly argue that my eating adventures are a matter of endurance as much as curiosity and delight – although, as you will know, adventure always requires a certain amount of hazard!

  5. Scott G

    Just finished your Shark Fin and Sichuan Pepper memoir and subsequently had to purchase Sichuan and Hunan cookbooks. I look forward to pouring through their pages and enjoying true Chinese food… If it works out I’ll try some of the recipes on my friend from the Hunan Province to see if it reminds him of home!

    So thank you for your contributions to culinary preservation and exploration!

    Finding out you do tours as well is exciting!

  6. Pat

    Hi Ficshia I’ve just made a batch of Sichuan pepper oil for the first time and are wondering what it would best be used with? Any and all ideas would be hugely appreciated

  7. Fuchsia

    Thanks Scott!

    And Pat, you can use Sichuan pepper oil in dressings for cold salady-type dishes, in place of ground roasted Sichuan pepper. Could also be nice on noodles.

  8. William Dickler

    My wife and I would love to be included in your 2016 trip. Hope you will keep us updated.

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