Chinese New Year

Happy New Year!

Posted by Fuchsia on January 22, 2012
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Last year I gave you a few photographs of Chinese New Year in Hunan, 2004. This year, here are a couple of photographs of Chinese New Year meals in the far north of the country, in a remote part of Gansu Province in 1995. They were taken in the village that is the subject of the chapter ‘Hungry Ghosts’ in my book Shark’s Fin and Sichuan Pepper. (Please forgive the poor quality of the images! I may try to scan them properly another time!)

On the right, you can see a pair of fish (fish are an almost obligatory part of New Year’s Eve dinners because nian nian you yu is a phrase that can mean both ‘fish every year’ and ‘plenty every year’: so the dish is an auspicious play on words.) Continue reading…

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Year of the Rabbit

Posted by Fuchsia on February 04, 2011
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Dinner at home to mark the start of the Year of the Rabbit: lotus root salad and preserved duck eggs to start; then Cantonese steamed sea bass (年年有余), Sichuanese red-braised wild rabbit, garlic stems with shiitake mushrooms, Shanghai-style braised water bamboo, Dongpo pork, Shanghai green pak choy with quail egg ‘rabbits’. The picture on the left shows the quail egg ‘rabbits’ before the  meal. Aren’t they sweet!


Happy New Year!

Posted by Fuchsia on February 03, 2011
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Photographs from Chinese New Year’s Eve in Hunan, 2004.

Food offerings for the ancestors

Writing Spring Festival couplets

A song before dinner

New Year’s Eve feast