‘Dance’ by Matisse in Nanjing beans

Posted by Fuchsia on January 30, 2012
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A few pieces in the press over the Chinese New Year:

Chopstick tourism – about regional government restaurants in Beijing. You can see on the right some of the extraordinary ‘four-horned beans’ (si jiao dou 四角豆) we tried at the restaurant in the Nanjing Great Hotel. Don’t they look like dancing figures? They remind me of Matisse’s ‘Dance’ paintings. Below left is a pic of the fabulous steamed lamb with flower rolls at the Ningxia Hotel, and on the right some of the wheaten staples served in the same restaurant. (Financial Times)

Sizzling Sichuan - eating in my old home-from-home, Chengdu. (Observer)

The Chopsticks Effect - I’m quoted in this nice piece about the history of Chinese restaurants in London. (Independent) Continue reading…

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