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Posted by Fuchsia on September 27, 2013
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How to cook a stag penis? Not a question I’d ever seriously pondered, until I inadvertently acquired four of them, and had to find a way. You can read about my adventures in the latest issue of Lucky Peach or on Buzzfeed here…

Lucky Peach is a little hard to find in the UK, but I know Foyles in London’s Charing Cross Road stocks it, and you can also buy it on Amazon.

Here is the Amazon link:

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5 Comments to Pizzle puzzle

16 October 2013

enjoyed this article. the entire “for women!” half of this issue was excellent, in fact.

Ian Hoare
2 November 2013

Chuckle… How does one “inadvertently acquire four Stags penises”? I think we should be told.

3 November 2013

Ian – all is revealed in the article!

3 December 2013

Such a great article Fuchsia, we loved it!

To be fair, I believe it’s easier to find Lucky Peach than edible penises in the UK… We found ours at Magma books on Clerkenwell road near Holborn (we’re talking about the Lucky Peach copy, just in case… :) )

Eric Rector
11 February 2014

And in latest (Street Food) issue of Lucky Peach I very much enjoyed your piece on the inscrutable Opka Hesir sausage and boiled lung dish from Xinjiang. I saw this at the market in Urumqi our first night right after we had supper, so I didn’t try it, thinking I would see it again. Unfortunately we didn’t see it in the Toksun market later on. Thank you for describing its preparation; I have only eaten unstuffed boiled lung, which is a lot like mushrooms…something to look forward to on our next visit.

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