Pig’s head

Posted by Fuchsia on June 24, 2009
Cooking, Unusual delicacies

One of the highlights of my recent trip to China was a lesson in braising a whole pig’s head. I couldn’t resist posing for a few photos with the half-cooked head. The final product, served with steamed buns, spring onions and sweet fermented sauce, was magnificent…

Pig's head


Pig 2

Pig 2

Pig 3

Pig 3


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25 June 2009

Ni hao, 我爱猪头。

28 June 2009

You are the soul of irascibility, Ms. Dunlop! In Korea it is good fortune for a new business to place a pig’s head out front of the shop or restaurant. Needless to say, the practice isn’t followed by Seoul’s trendier spots nor the countless chain restaurants about, but you spot it in the few alleyways offering all things traditional. I was just curious if the pig’s head tradition originates from China.

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