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Posted by Fuchsia on May 06, 2014
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Still can’t quite believe that on Friday night I won two more James Beard Awards – Every Grain of Rice: Simple Chinese Home Cooking took the prize for Best International Cookbook, and my Dick Soup article for Lucky Peach won in the Personal Essay category! I wasn’t able to make it to New York for the ceremony this year, so I found out on Twitter the following morning. Thanks, as always to my editors, Maria Guarnaschelli at W.W.Norton, Richard Atkinson and Natalie Bellos at Bloomsbury, and the team at Lucky Peach, Peter Meehan, Chris Ying, David Chang and Rachel Khong, as well as Chris Terry and Sophie Gerrard for their wonderful photographs.

You can read the Dick Soup piece here.


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Tim and Paula
6 May 2014


And well deserved!

6 May 2014


Peter Hertzmann
6 May 2014

I was excited to read the announcement of your win in my local San Francisco paper. Many, many congratulations.

7 May 2014

Your really deserve it! I have your book. It’s awesome :)

Martin Melville
8 May 2014

Well deserved. Congratulations

9 May 2014

Thanks everyone!

13 May 2014

Congratulations Fuchsia, brilliant news. The more I cook from Every Grain of Rice the more I appreciate it!

Frank Hopewell-Smith
15 May 2014

You shouldn’t be surprised. It is truly a fantastic cook book (as my amazon review contests). Congratulations – and here’s to the next 20 cookbooks you do winning the awards I know they’ll deserve.

15 May 2014

Congratulations Fuchsia! Have been following your blog for a while and you’re brilliant!

19 May 2014

Congratulations Fuchsia! My new favorite recipe of all-time is your Smoked Tofu with Celery and Peanuts which is SO simple and so very good. Thank you for writing this book.

In the same theme of your book, I wonder if you have seen the campaign to remind Chinese diners to value Every Grain of Rice? It has some wonderful graphics to go along with the important message. I wrote about on this blog post: http://www.eatsforone.com/?p=4155

21 May 2014

Hi There,
I have just discovered your beautiful blog! The articles are wonderful and really interesting. My step mum is Chinese and the food she cooks is sublime and so different to the Chinese food in the takeaways we get in the UK! I love writing about food as well and you may like my blog thisluxlife.com http://thisluxlife.com/2014/05/21/restaurant-daniel-truly-magical-words-cannot-do-it-justice-experience/ I would love to know if you like it :-)
All the best,

Lonely Noodle Club
25 May 2014

Hi Fuchsia, congratulations! I love your new book and I actually have a question. I made the steamed bass with ginger and scallions today, and I noticed that you’re supposed to pour the sizzling oil over the ginger and scallions. Is there a reason why people don’t lightly fry them in the oil first and then pour everything over the fish?

Also, it was delicious! I grew up eating this dish and never learned how to make it, so I was thrilled to have your instructions. The Cantonese fish seller at my local market recommended rockfish so I used that instead of the bass and it was great.

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