Forthcoming events

Posted by Fuchsia on July 12, 2009

Quite a few people have been emailing me to ask if I do any cooking classes, so I wanted to let any readers of this website know that I will be doing at least one at the Divertimenti Cooking School in central London in November.

In October, I’ll also be appearing at the Sydney International Food Festival in Australia.  I’ll be doing a demonstration of Sichuanese homestyle dishes myself, and a presentation with my friend Yu Bo, who is one of the most talented chefs I’ve met in more than a decade of eating in China. (He is featured in the ‘Rubber Factor’ chapter of my book ‘Shark’s Fin and Sichuan Pepper’. )

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16 July 2009

Hi Fuchsia, I may very well sign up for your course. I’m also doing a course there with my friend Jennifer Joyce and Sicilian food and weine (she’s domonstrating the recipes, I’m leading a wine tasting). Should be fun! Let’s catch up soon,


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