Another prize for ‘Shark’s Fin’!

A belated post to say that Sharks’ Fin and Sichuan Pepper won the Kate Whiteman Award for Work on Food and Travel at the Guild of Food Writers’ Awards last week. I will try to post a picture of the trophy, a glass vase engraved with the Guild’s Logo, my name and the date, sometime soon.

3 Responses to “Another prize for ‘Shark’s Fin’!”

  1. Robyn


    The other week the F Word episode including the segment at the dim sum restaurant was broadcast here in NZ. Although I’d already watched the YouTube of it you embedded here it was still fun to see you at my place!

  2. Ryan Moore

    Hi Fuchsia

    I am living in Suzhou and I found your book in a bookstore in Ping Jiang Lu over the weekend. I’m enjoying it immensely! Had a fantastic 4 hour trip today to Shanghai due to rain delays and were able to read all the way.

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