An amazing durian snack

It’s a lobe of ripe, fresh durian, enclosed in a kind of cage of shredded taro, tied prettily with seaweed and then deep-fried – so your teeth crunch through the outer layer into the bewitching succulence of the fruit. Oh blimey. If you’re a fan of durian, which I have been since a midnight initiation in Singapore a few years ago by the street food guru K.F. Seetoh, you’d adore this incredible titbit, bought at the old seafood market in Taipei, which been converted into an ultra-chic supermarket and ‘stand-and-swallow’ (i.e. no seating) sushi bar. Just the memory of it is driving me slightly wild, and now I’m wishing I’d bought some of those freeze-dried durian chips at Bangkok airport on the way home… And I’m also remembering the taste of durian in flaky pastries from Vietnam, and a divine, incredible shaved durian ice cream in Hong Kong, but that’s about the limit of my durian experiences. Anyone like to share their memories of other interesting durian snacks?

4 Responses to “An amazing durian snack”

  1. Yvonne

    Durian custard encased in flaky pastry. There is a dim sum restaurant 40 mins from where I live, but I keep going back for the durian puffs.

  2. 陈立晔

    Hehe, you’re making me want to fly to Singapore to have this. Wish I read your blog while I was in Shanghai earlier this year!

  3. Delphine

    The only way I like durian is warm and slightly melted over sticky rice. More of a full dessert than a snack, but when travelling to Thailand during the season, this will be the way I will enjoy it!

  4. sphamilton

    Durian-flavoured custard creams in Thailand. Not a good idea.

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