‘Every Grain of Rice’ officially out today!

My new book, Every Grain of Rice: Simple Chinese Home Cooking, is out today. Unlike my other cookery books, it’s not focused on one province, but is a collection of delicious everyday recipes, mainly from southern China. They’re for the kind of dishes I like to make most: simple, healthy and with an emphasis on vegetables. Although the book includes meat and fish dishes, I hope vegetarians will enjoy it too, because many of the recipes are either completely vegetarian, or can be adapted to be so. My favourite chapters are those on green leafy vegetables and noodles, which include some of the recipes I really can’t live without. And my favourite recipes include the twice-cooked Swiss chard, the kohlrabi salad and the sea bream in fish-fragrant sauce. The book also includes some favourites from my earlier books, including Gong Bao chicken from Sichuan, and variations such a vegetarian Mapo Tofu that I think is just as good as the traditional version.

Bloomsbury have done a fantastic job with the production, and the book is lavishly illustrated with photographs by Chris Terry – which I hope will help to encourage people who feel daunted by Chinese cooking to see that it can be as easy as knocking up a salad or a pasta dish for supper!

The book will be published by Norton in the United States next spring.

26 Responses to “‘Every Grain of Rice’ officially out today!”

  1. Daniel M.

    Finally! Just ordered it at Amazon.

  2. John O'Leary

    No sooner seen than ordered. Another must-buy, just like your other books.

  3. Dave_C

    Congratulations! I can’t wait for the book to show up in the US. Next spring sounds like a long time from now.

  4. MK

    thanks for thinking of us vegetarians who enjoy the flavors of china.

  5. Will

    I have an advance copy of the Norton edition, and my wife and I have been cooking recipes from it all week (some pictures in http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/852298). I’m really enjoying the so far — it’s just about exactly what I expected it would be from the early descriptions. I have a few little questions that I’ll try to harass you about sometime when you haven’t just had a book come out.

    I love that it’s so vegetarian friendly, and I think that it’s great to expose people to a style of cooking that really hasn’t been written about much. Not only that, but even for non-vegetarians, I think the Chinese way of using meat as more of an accent than the other way around is something that’s good for health and the environment.

    I hope it’s Ok to say this here: for people in the US who can’t wait, “The Book Depository” has it for $34 shipped.

  6. Will

    ps – I like to make my vegetarian gongbaoji with diced wheat-gluten intestine (面肠)or a not-too-soft tofu “chicken”, along with fresh water-chestnuts (in approximately equal size cubes). My MIL makes something similar, but she also uses king oyster mushroom cubes as well.

  7. Anne

    Is it just me or is it kind of weird in this day and age to delay between UK and US publication? Ah well, I will buy from the UK…

  8. Velia

    Congratulations! Just ordered 3 copies of your latest ouevre to send to other members of your Germán fan club.

  9. ault

    Somehow I was able to cannily connive to get a copy as my father’s day pressie. Well pleased

  10. John O'Leary

    And it arrived in today’s post. Absolutely brilliant, Fuchsia! And I love the glossary with photos, so you have a much better idea of what you might be looking for in a Chinatown grocery. You’ve got another prizewinner here, no doubt.

  11. David Ockey

    Was wondering if you could actually out do your two first cook books. You have! Amazing and very simple, usable recipes! I love it already. I haven’t even been able to look through the whole thing. I keep going back to marvel at the recipes and make plans on when to make them.

  12. Steeevyo

    Stupid question maybe but will this be available in Chengdu? At bookworm maybe?

  13. Fuchsia

    Thank you all very much for your enthusiasm and lovely comments!

    (And Steevyo – I know Bookworm stock my other books, so I hope they’ll stock this one too. Perhaps you need to have a word with them!)

  14. Fuchsia

    Thanks Louise! Hope you enjoy the recipes.

  15. Gigi

    Congratulations with your latest book. So far I’ve only read it and will have to get back to my kitchen next month to test the recipes, which I am sure will be a s wonderful as always. I am sitting in Changsha with a bowl of 湖南牛肉粉 in front of my laptop (probably not the best place to eat it as I’m splashing soup all over the place…) and it made me think of you and your cookbooks, especially the Revolutionary Cookbook.
    Many greetings from a hungry Sinologist.

  16. Anne Bright

    Cooked the red braised beef with tofu bamboo tonight – absolutely beautiful. Served with stir fried snow pea shoots and mushrooms and steamed long grain brown rice. The tofu knots were a revelation!!

  17. Samantha

    I’ve just received my copy of the book and I already know it is going to be a firm favourtie! The photographs and book binding have been done excellently, and every recipe just beckons to made – superb work!

  18. Tim Bradshaw

    Just returned from a nostalgic trip to China (was a VSO there 20 yrs ago) and my wife got me this – we both love the vegetable-focussed approach, the beautiful design, but most of all the great content, which was just what I need to keep alive my yearning to get cooking some of the dishes I have so enjoyed over the last month. BTW, I had completely forgotten the Bamboo Bar, but your recollection of it brought memories flooding back…now for doing some actual cooking!

  19. John Davis

    l’ve been waiting a long time for this, your latest book. Discovered it on twitter, and have ordered it straight away. All your books have enthralled me – this will no doubt be no exception. Can’t wait!

  20. Jay Bee

    I didn’t have the patience to wait until my birthday (and wasn’t confident that merely thinking about it was enough to cause someone to buy it for me), so I bought it for myself. Arrived today (yesterday now) and am still skipping through it at 1.10am. I’ve enjoyed your various broadcasts on the BBC Food Programme, Woman’s Hour, etc, and am delighted to have this book.

  21. Genie

    My book arrived in New Zealand and it is absolutely stunning! I bought it based on the gorgeous cover and it’s even lovelier in person. The book is designed beautifully and I’m drooling over the photographs.

  22. Peter Kidby

    Hi Fushia – I confess I have only just ‘discovered’ you and can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of EGOR I bought a few days ago. I expect it is winging its way to Australia. Quite by coincidence the very next day I heard you being interviewed on ABC (Australia) Radio National about food and food quality issues in China, prompted I think, by the recent report of 6000 pig carcasses found in one of the rivers supplying drinking water to Shanghai. It was insightful and very interesting thank you. It seems clear that there are wonderful opportunities for organic and otherwise environmentally sound food producers to supply to China’s burgeoning middle class

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