To cook a camel

I’ve been discussing camel cookery with my friend Anissa Helou, an expert on Middle Eastern food, and Charles Perry, an expert on Medieval Arabic food, on Anissa’s blog. I would love to post a picture of a dead camel here, but unfortunately it’s from my pre-digital period and I don’t have a scanner!

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  1. kattebelletje

    If you have it on color slide, or just the negatives, it is really worthwhile to buy a scanner: they are not very expensive now (good ones 150 pounds?). It is so great to digitize earlier pictures and putting them on the web. I scanned all the old stuff from the 1980s and put them all on Flickr, a great way to relive those days and sharing it with the world!

  2. Fuchsia

    Actually I have SO MANY slides and negatives from my earlier time in China that it would take a ridiculous time to scan them all in. But your message reminded me that a photographer friend has given me contacts for a place in Poland that will do it all for me – for a fee of course. It would be wonderful to have easy access to all the pics from my Tibet adventures in the mid-1990s…

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