House of Ho

That marvellous egg pho cuon

A few years ago, I happened to be in an episode of Bobby Chinn’s World Cafe Asia when he was filming in Chengdu: you can watch our antics here (small fee required to watch the video). Anyway, turns out he’s opened a restaurant in London, and it was a lovely surprise to receive a phonecall out of the blue and an invitation to try some of the dishes at the House of Ho, opening this week in Soho, London…

The highlight was undoubtedly the Pho Cuon, a dreamy, ethereal parcel of rice pasta enclosing an egg cooked

Monkfish with lemongrass

long and slow, in a very delicate broth, but we also loved the smokey aubergine with warm scallion vinaigrette, the shaking beef, the lemon grass monk fish in a caramel sauce, and the stir-fried egg choyote, which was very simple and utterly gorgeous.

House of Ho, 55-59 Old Compton Street, 0207 287 0770

Apple-smoked pork belly, braised cabbage, egg

3 Responses to “House of Ho”

  1. Liam

    May I ask how expensive this restaurant is, compared with other Vietnamese ones in London?

  2. Fuchsia

    I don’t know as it was a complimentary preview. I’m sure it will be more than the Kingsland Road Vietnamese places. But it’s a completely different experience.

  3. House of Ho

    Thank you for positive feedback, we hope you visit again. HOH team

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