Dining in Hangzhou

Posted by Fuchsia on September 26, 2009
Books, Chinese restaurants

There’s a piece of mine in the Financial Times Weekend today, about the wonderful restaurants of Hangzhou.

And a mention of the paperback of ‘Shark’s Fin’ in the latest New York Times Book Review.

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1 October 2009

Yes! Hangzhou is where I feel in love with Chinese food. Leaving was hard, I spent my first day back in the US scouring the internet for Chinese cookbooks and am forever grateful that I found yours!

Thank you!!!

1 October 2009

Hi Fuchsia,

Congratulations for your great article! Again thank you for the contacts of the Dragon Well Manor back in December … what a fantastic spot! I have no words to describe the entire experience. Just the memory of their fresh orange juice make my mouth water … I look forward to go back!!!

I wish you continuous success and maybe we will meet one of these days.


David Ockey
11 October 2009

Sounds magnificent! I hope this is a hint of a future cookbook!

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