Bashan launches new Hunan menu!

Posted by Fuchsia on October 13, 2010
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Bashan, the sister restaurant of Barshu, for whom I also work as consultant, has launched a very delicious new menu of Hunan dishes, a few of which are based on those in my Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook. As you can imagine, being involved in all the tastings has been delightful!

The new menu offers dishes that include the ever-popular steamed fish with chopped salted chillies, Chairman Mao’s favourite red-braised pork, the famous General Tso’s chicken (invented by a Hunanese exile chef in Taiwan), Bandit’s pork liver with green chillies, sizzling stir-fried lamb with hot peppers, and a number of rustic stir-fries made with the dried vegetables that are a favourite ingredient in the region. Other specialities include a sumptuous stew of beef with zongzi, the glutinous ricecakes that are traditionally eaten at the Dragon Boat Festival in the fifth lunar month, an irresistible platter of stir-fried  bamboo shoots with pork, and a gentle bowlful of silken beancurd seasoned with the yolks of salted duck eggs. Prices start at £4.90 for appetisers and £6.90 for main dishes, so it’s a bit cheaper than Barshu.

Our designer has created some special posters for the restaurant, in keeping with the new revolutionary atmosphere.

Yum yum.

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20 October 2010

Where can we see these special posters online?

20 October 2010

Let me see what I can do!

28 October 2010

Yes, I would like to see them too! And be able to taste Bashan food!
How is everything? Are you coming on this side of the world soon?

Lawrence A Parker
2 November 2010


2 November 2010

Gosh sorry, Lawrence, that was rather an omission! Here it is:

24 Romilly St
London W1
tel 0207 287 3266

Nearest tube station: Leicester Square

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