The thinnest noodles in the world

Posted by Fuchsia on September 08, 2008

The other night I was introduced over dinner to Li Enhai, a famous noodle chef. Apparently he is noted in the Guinness Book of Records – his claim to fame is being able to pull noodle dough into strands so fine that you can fit thirty-nine of them through the eye of a needle! The other guests told me that his noodles are so thin they resemble cobwebs. After dinner, there was a loud clanking as we prepared to have a photo taken together. I wondered what this was, and then saw that it was Master Li rummaging in his bag for his gold medals, won over the years in the Chinese culinary equivalents of the Olympics!

Here are some pics of Mr Li in action.


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24 November 2008

Just came across this… I saw Li Enhai in Shanghai a few years back… He took a pound of noodle dough and made 8192 noodles out of it… As he said, it was too thin to be useful.

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