So it’s not just the Chinese…

…who have been eating bits of endangered shark (as I think I mentioned once before). According to this piece in the Daily Telegraph, around 20,000 tonnes of spiny dogfish, a.k.a. rock salmon, is eaten in the EU, despite the fact that the species is classified as ‘vulnerable’, and ‘endangered’ in some regions. In Britain, the article says, the meat tends to go into fish and chips.

Fortunately, efforts are underfoot at at CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) to restrict trade in the fish.

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  1. David Ockey

    For some reason it seems like it’s easier for the west to point fingers at the east. I often see on CNN how Japan and China are doing horrible things to the environment and the animal kingdom. True, all countries should look hard at the things their societies are doing to the world. However, I find it interesting that while Asia is often cast in a sinister shadow other countries like America (where I’m from) seems to escape the majority of the bad behavior all except for the few “popular” movements. Yeah, we save the whales, but how about the fish?

    By the way, I apologize for any strange expressions I use. Having lived abroad for so long, I sometimes find that I can’t remember certain expressions. 😉

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