Shanghai in November

Arrived in Shanghai to warm and sunny weather! I had a simple vegetarian lunch at a Buddhist monastery (Shanghai wontons stuffed with shepherd’s purse, green pak choy and mushrooms; ‘Arhat’s noodles’ with cloud ears, bamboo shoot and another kind of mushrooms). Dinner was fine Spanish jamon, cut from an entire leg of ham that had been smuggled into the country in a container, with home-made Spanish tortilla, tomato bread and red wine. Well, Shanghai is a melting pot, isn’t it?

I spent the afternoon doing a few errands, and while I was walking around in the old Foreign Settlement area, I noticed these salted fish and pieces of pork wind-drying on a traffic light!

3 Responses to “Shanghai in November”

  1. dave

    which monastery? open to the public? I am visiting soon and looking for out of the way recommended real places to visit. Thanks!

  2. Fuchsia

    Yufosi 玉佛寺, Jade Buddha temple – it is open to the public, and they have a nice vegetarian restaurant. Downstairs they serve noodles and dumplings; upstairs dishes and rice.

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