Feeding gods and ghosts in Taiwan

Posted by Fuchsia on May 16, 2012
Chinese food culture, Rituals

Some tables of food offerings outside shops and restaurants in Tainan, southern Taiwan:

With the 'three sacrifices' 三牲, chicken, fish and pork, in pride of place

The same table as the one above, from another angle

These spirits appear to like tea...

...while these ones prefer junk food

Packaged chocolate drinks offered with the fruit and incense

A huge feast

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17 May 2012

hi Fuchsia,

did you check out the documentary “a bite of china” ? awesome stuff! two episodes came out so far, you can search for “舌尖上的中国”, i really think the quality of the documentary is super,with decent translation and subtitle, it can make to bbc or national geographic : )

by the way, did you get my message about chinese seaweed? i sent you an email through your contact page.

have fun in taiwan!

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