Every Grain of Rice US edition now out!

Posted by Fuchsia on February 04, 2013

The US edition of Every Grain of Rice: Simple Chinese Home Cooking, is out today, published, like the American editions of all my books, by W.W.Norton. It’s the same book as the UK edition, but with Americanised measurements and so on, and a different cover.

Wonderful response so far, like this lovely piece in LA Times, this review by Asian Review of Books, and this one by Carolyn Phillips on Zester Daily.

I hope it will help American readers discover the joys of Chinese home cooking, especially vegetables!

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4 February 2013


Just a quick note to say its my 14 month old’s favorite cookbook! She always picks that book from my cookbook shelf and turns the pages, pointing and sayin ‘um’ with each photo… Strange but true!


4 February 2013

I prefer the cover of the UK version but this is also lovely. It must have been hard to choose an image for the cover.

Simon @ SoyRiceFire.com
7 February 2013

Just in time for Chinese New Year! I’m really looking forward to reading it.

8 February 2013

Congratulations! I love EGoR!! Own 2 meters of bookshelf worth of cookery books but only cook from your latest… My 2,5 yr old girl LOVES Chinese vegetables. In fact, if I cook an unknown veggie hangzhou style she will try it. But not only for toddlers. Thank you for this book I had been waiting for all of my cooking years!

11 February 2013

Thanks for all your lovely comments! And Jessie and Anne, I’m glad to hear that you are successful indoctrinating the next generation with knowledge of the pleasures of Chinese food!

12 February 2013
14 February 2013

A few dozen of my cyber friends and I have been cooking from EGOR since June 2012 when we ordered the English version. We Love everything we’ve made and continue to cook from it and your other books as well. Thank you so much for the delicious meals you have provided via your writings.

Chris Mayer
18 February 2013

Another amazing cookbook. I also have waaay too many cookbooks, and it seems unfair to all the other authors that Fuchsia’s books take all the top spots in my collection.

David Andrew
28 February 2013

Looking forward to this book (I don’t know if it’s in Beijing yet) but wondered if it would be made available in Mandarin or if I have to translate it myself, page by page!?
Many thanks.

[...] While we wait for the magical time Gourmandistan can plant its flag (and food-eating faces) somewhere in Asia, we at least have Fuchsia Dunlop. Her cookbooks have been a main gateway to Gourmandistan’s greater understanding of Chinese food and culture. We find Dunlop’s recipes so useful we months ago rush-ordered her new cookbook, Every Grain of Rice: Simple Chinese Home Cooking, from the UK, not content to wait for its recent release in the USA. [...]

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