Bar Shu temporary closure

The New Year has seen an unhappy accident at Bar Shu, the Sichuanese restaurant in London for which I act as consultant. On Saturday 3rd January, a fire started in the extractor fans above the stoves, and spread throughout the ventilation system. Fortunately this happened early in the day, when the kitchen was almost empty and there were no customers in the restaurant, and no one was hurt. The damage, however, has been extensive, and the restaurant has been forced to close temporarily. Given the intense heat of the stoves during busy service times, it seems ironic that the fire started when one of the chefs was simply frying eggs for staff breakfasts.

It’s not clear exactly when the restaurant will be able to reopen – we are waiting for the insurance company to investigate the site, and then the damage needs to be fixed – but three months seems likely.

We are all incredibly sad about this event, and painfully aware that the closure will leave a gaping hole in London’s restaurant scene. We hope that regular customers will be able to survive for a little while without their usual fix of Gong Bao prawns, dry-fried beans or chicken with chillies. Sichuan food addicts might be relieved to know that they can find some of the characteristic flavours of the region in the more casual surroundings of Baozi Inn in Newport Place, the smaller sibling of Bar Shu. And we are currently working on the menu for the third restaurant, which will open sometime this Spring…

Do watch this space for news of Bar Shu, and of the new place.

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  1. LSF

    The most common reason for this is the kitchen staff failing to clean the extraction system regularly. Sadly it’s very common.

  2. bunytu

    It’s a shame. I look into the shop every time when passing it.

    Please let us know if there is any new guide of when Bar Shu will re-open again.

    Also, a detailed note of the incident may be useful as I was wondering for 3 months how it suddenly started refurbshing just before the Chinese new year.


  3. admin

    We are hoping to reopen Bar Shu in June or July. The insurance claim took ages, but that’s now out of the way and the builders are in.

    I’ll post on this blog when we have a firm opening date, so our network of chilli and Sichuan pepper addicts will know when they’ll be able to get their fix again. I can’t wait, I’m missing it too!

  4. Linda

    The sign on the door of Bar Shu says reopening early August but it doesn’t seem like this is going to happen. Have you any update for us chilli fiends?

  5. JohnRC

    Bar Shu is taking bookings now for reservations from the 30th August.

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