Well, living here in Japan, it’s easy to understand why Japan never seems to step up to the plate when it comes to animal conservation. That information isn’t to be had here. When you walk into a supermarket, it all seems normal. Fish of all kinds everywhere, and cheap. No high prices, no one saying, hey, tuna is an endangered species. Tuna isn’t the only tuna that has been wiped out. Apparently, about 30 years ago or so, down in the south where I’m at, if you were a herring fisher, you were rich. They have some saying or rather that stated the fact. Now, the herring are gone. They fish a small amount up north and apparently they’re really expensive. Other herring comes from Scandinavia.

Shark fin can be easily gotten a hold of here. In fact, after I first got here was the only time that I’ve had it. After the add campaign started (on American cable shows) I decided to never have it again. However, I have never met anyone here who is even aware of the plight of sharks. The information is never disseminated. There are a variety of topics that are not talked about here, and that’s too bad. I’m not saying that we in the west are any better. What needs to happen is that this information needs to get out. We need to give people the chance to make a decision.